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Is Uncle Nate Fitch Trolling Twitter And Implying That Manziel Could Stay Another Year?


Today was Senior Day at Kyle Field for Texas A&M, and though Johnny Manziel is not a senior, most people believe it was his last home game as an Aggie. Texas A&M defeated Mississippi State 51-41 in a shootout, and fans cascaded Manziel with "One More Year" chants even though it is highly unlikely that Manziel will return to College Station.

Or is it? Manziel's right-hand man, 'Uncle Nate' Fitch, posted a rather interesting tweet during the fourth quarter of the game:

He then retweeted another interesting one, too:

Yes, the national championship game for college football next season will be held in Dallas, but we imagine that Fitch is just trolling fans who are clinging to hope that Johnny will stay another year. Then again, nothing about Manziel is very average, so would it really be that surprising if he turned down the immediate money for another season of college football?