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It's Official: Johnny Manziel Is In Free Fall At The NFL Draft

Every year, there is at least one quarterback who analysts believe will be drafted among the first few picks of the NFL Draft but somehow falls all the way to the back of the first round - or worse. It appears that this year, that signal-caller is former Texas A&M star Johnny Manziel. Manziel has been passed on by multiple teams with the need for a QB - including Houston, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Minnesota, Tampa Bay and more. 

It had been rumored the past few weeks that if Manziel was available at No. 16 for the Dallas Cowboys, owner Jerry Jones would have a hard time passing him up as a backup for the aging Tony Romo. But in the end, that wasn't to be either, as Dallas selected OL Zack Martin out of Notre Dame. 

Where will Manziel end up? It remains to be seen. But you can imagine that he's taking note of every team that passed on him.