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Jimbo Fisher Responds To Allegations Made By Former Texas A&M Player

Jimbo Fisher explains move to Texas A&M.

Earlier today, Texas A&M became the latest school to have controversy hit just ahead of the season. Former Aggie linebacker Santino Marchiol told USA Todayabout a few different improprieties going on within the program.

Marchiol was with Texas A&M through the coaching change, and fully intended to play for Jimbo Fisher, who took over after Kevin Sumlin was fired. However, after he says the program's new training staff mishandled an ankle injury, he elected to leave.

The injury issue was not the only one raised by Marchiol, in the Dan Wolken-penned piece. He alleges that assistant coach Bradley Dale Peveto gave him hundreds of dollars over the NCAA-allowed $40 when he hosted recruits.

He and his father also shared some abusive language used with players during workouts over the summer, which he said went way above what the NCAA allows with the coaching staff outside of the season.

Marchiol is attempting to have the one-year sit period waived, as he transfers to Arizona, where Sumlin wound up following his ouster in College Station. He took over for another coach embroiled in scandal, Rich Rodriguez.

Jimbo Fisher addressed to the Santino Marchiol allegations from the USA Today report after today's practice.

Fisher didn't have much to say, just that he hadn't read the article yet, and that he wouldn't comment on a player no longer on the team. From 247Sports:

"I was informed that the article came out but I haven't read it" Fisher said. "I don't know anything about it so I can't comment on it. I'll comment on the players on our team right now. That's all I can do."

The allegations made against the Texas A&M program aren't nearly at the level of the situations at Maryland or Ohio State right now. They do seem likely to put a target on the program as far as the NCAA is concerned, as these issues are right in the organization's wheelhouse, vs. the more difficult issues at a place like OSU.

Still, it isn't what you want just weeks from the program's first game under a new, $75 million coach.