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"Johnny Flagstick" Plays Pebble Beach, Gets Trolled By Darren Rovell

Starting to realize why Manziel took himself off Twitter for a bit there.

Since winning the Heisman Trophy this past December, Johnny Manziel's life has gotten a little more complicated. Everywhere he goes, he's the center of attention. His partying ways have been criticized, so much so that in March, he put himself on a Twitter hiatus. But now that he's back on the social media platform, things have picked up right where they left off.

Manziel played a round of golf on Saturday at Pebble Beach - one of the most beautiful courses on the planet. He took a photo on his Instagram account and tweeted it out for the world to see:

Enter everyone's favorite ESPN/ABC Sports Business Reporter, Darren Rovell. He seemed to take exception with Manziel playing a course with a $500 greens fee.

Manziel quickly defended himself, stating he was there with his family. Surely that's exactly what he wanted to be doing while spending time with his parents.

As you can imagine, the trolls on Twitter were aplenty. Manziel went on to trade barbs with multiple people going after his "lifestyle", yet again. There was even a long argument about the proper spelling of the word "you're". Sadly, it appears this is the new norm for Manziel and other famous collegiate athletes who attempt to have fun and act their age.

Oh, and if you're wondering - it appears Manziel is a pretty darn good golfer as well. He claims to have shot at 79, yet still lost to his father by three strokes. I think most of us would take either of those scores.

Perhaps "Johnny Flagstick" should be his new nickname.