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Johnny Manziel Addresses Sobriety In Statement: "I'm Not Saying I'm Never Drinking Again"

During a trip to Cabo last month, former Texas A&M Heisman winner Johnny Manziel announced that on July 1, he would go sober in order to get his life back on track and work back into football shape. To his credit, it appears that Manziel has accomplished that for the last few weeks. In response to a feature written by The Washington Post's Kent Bebb, Manziel released a statement through his spokeswoman, updating fans on his status. While he says he is doing well, he admits that his sobriety is not a long-term thing.

“I’m actually doing well. I have good friends around me supporting what I do and I try to support them in what they want to do. I’m not saying I’m never drinking again, but for now just mostly being healthy. I’ve got a killer gym in my house and I can spend time working out. I’m interested in doing a lot of different things in my life — including football — but, right now, I’m just exploring options and waiting to see what the future holds.”

Over the weekend, Manziel spent time running while in Hawaii for a wedding, and opted for Pokemon Go while at a club in Hollywood. Manziel is not currently on an NFL roster, but is suspended for the first four games of the upcoming season. He is also currently involved in a domestic violence case after an incident with ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley earlier this year.

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