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Johnny Manziel Returning To Texas A&M This Weekend To Train

Johnny Manziel is returning to College Station this weekend to put in some work in an effort to make a comeback in the NFL.

Johnny Manziel is working on an NFL comeback. He frequently posts videos of himself and others working out on his Instagram account, and today he posted this:

Yep, Johnny Football is headed back to where it all started: College Station, Texas. It's unclear what exactly he'll be doing, but it sounds like he'll be getting in some hard work with the team.

Manziel hasn't played a snap since 2015, where he played in nine games and threw seven touchdowns and five picks. He was released in March 2016 by the Browns, and has been working primarily on getting his mind right in order to handle the mental and physical strain of playing in the NFL.

"I refuse to let my entire life of sports from the age of 4 be squandered by partying," Manziel told ESPN's Ed Werder in January, "I just got sick of it. One day I didn't like what I saw in the mirror and realized I could really help people in the position I'm in. I love sports, I love football, and when you take something away from yourself you realize it the hard way. The happiness from doing it sober has been ASTRONOMICAL. Beyond my wildest imagination and once that continued other good things started happening in my life and it just clicked."

With good NFL quarterbacks in short supply these days, there's always a chance that a team could find a roster spot for Manziel.