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Johnny Manziel Is Taking All His Classes Online

I envy your life Johnny Football.

According to USA Today, Texas A&M and Heisman-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel is taking a full load of online classes. Apparently the stardom of being the first freshman to win the Heisman trophy has gotten out of control in Aggieland. This semester, Manziel attempted to sign up for an English class, but was constantly harassed for autographs and pictures and had to drop the class.

A Texas A&M spokesperson confirmed that Manziel is taking online classes and he is said to be only in College Station about once every month. While it is not against any NCAA policy for student-athletes to take online courses, it just adds to the celebrity status that Manziel has garnered after his impressive 2012 campaign.

Johnny Football will likely be multitasking his English reading tomorrow with a game of Madden 2013, while I study for my Finance 2000 test.