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Johnny Manziel On Heisman Hype: "I Wasn't Prepared For It, And I Don't Know If You Really Can Be"

He's probably right.

Ahead of tomorrow's Heisman Trophy presentation in New York City, the media gets a chance to meet with and interview all of the candidates for this year's award. The six players competing for the honor in 2013 are Florida State's Jameis Winston, Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel, Alabama's AJ McCarron, Auburn's Tre Mason, Boston College's Andre Williams, and Northern Illinois' Jordan Lynch. 

Naturally, a lot of attention was given to Johnny Manziel during today's interviews because he won the award last season. Manziel talked about what a great honor it was to receive, but also mentioned that he may not have been totally prepared for all of the attention that comes with it that essentially is life-changing:

Life has certainly been crazy for Johnny in the last calendar year -- every move he has made has been under the microscope, and public opinion of him seems to fluctuate quite frequently between him being a hero or a villain. Ultimately though, Manziel has been able to battle through the hype and attention, and has continued to do what he does best: play football. It's pretty cool to see that Johnny wants to help whoever wins this year's Heisman (it is pretty much assumed that Winston will take home the trophy, but you never know) handle all of the attention better than did during his time in the spotlight, even if that means he isn't winning it yet again.