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Johnny Manziel Says He Is "Nowhere Close" To Deciding On Whether To Go To The NFL Or Not

Still up in the air.

As Johnny Manziel and the Aggies continue to prepare for Duke in the upcoming Chick-fil-A Bowl, questions swirl about the superstar's future and whether or not he will bolt for the NFL following the season. Before the Heisman Trophy presentation in New York City two weeks ago, Manziel was adamant that he wouldn't make a decision until after the bowl game, and that his mind is definitely not made up either way yet. 

Today, Manziel met with the media to talk about the Chick-fil-A Bowl, but of course the NFL questions popped up yet again. Just like before, he insisted that no decision has been made -- he also said he is "nowhere close" to making one:

The hunch has always been that Manziel would leave for the pros after this season, considering all of the NCAA drama that has followed him throughout the past two seasons. That being said, Johnny is often a wild card and doesn't need the money immediately, so it's not unfathomable that he could stay with his teammates for one more year. I guess we'll all have to wait just a little bit longer to find out if we'll be watching Manziel on Saturdays or Sundays next fall.