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Johnny Manziel Says The Seahawks' "12th Man" Isn't Real

#Fake #Fake #Fake

Most observers of yesterday's NFC Championship Game had to come away impressed with the home crowd of the Seattle Seahawks, better known as the "12th Man." The fans at CenturyLink Field are often considered some of the best in the land -- the crowd even induces earthquakes at times.

Some observers in College Station, however, weren't impressed, and neither was the QB that they prefer to support, Johnny Manziel. The Texas A&M Aggies were the first to claim the title '12th Man' back in 1921 and often mock Seattle for trying to make it their own. After yesterday's game, Manziel took to Instagram to post a photo of the real 12th Man:

REAL 12th man #GIGEM

I wonder if he thinks that Russell Wilson is trying to steal his moves, too.

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