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Johnny Manziel Talked 'Pay For Play' Today, Thinks It's Coming But "It's A Fine Line"

Johnny Manziel doing the Heisman pose.

Johnny Manziel has been meeting with the media seemingly every five minutes before tonight's Heisman Trophy ceremony in New York City. He's touched on a number of subjects, from advice he'd give to this year's Heisman winner to whether or not he'd consider returning to College Station for another year. Today he also was asked about the NCAA and "pay for play" -- whether he thought college athletes should be paid, or if some type of compensation system will be instituted:

Yesterday though, on the Dan Patrick Show, he acknowledged that he thinks change is coming:

Manziel seems to be in the middle of the two giant schools of thought: that athletes absolutely shouldn't be paid, or that they should essentially be paid, minor league athletes. It's interesting to hear his opinion though, because he's brought as much money and value to his school as any athlete in recent years -- he certainly could have profited significantly off of his performance if the NCAA allowed it. Even though he knows that he could have earned a lot for himself, Johnny is aware that others wouldn't necessarily be in the same situation.