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Kevin Sumlin Apparently Trying To Avoid Johnny Manziel 2.0, Told QB Kenny Hill Not To Take Pictures With Fans

How many pictures did Johnny Manziel take with fans while playing at Texas A&M? 

100? 1,000? 10,000? 

We'll never know the exact answer, but it's likely a lot closer to that latter number than it is to the former. We will know how many pictures Manziel's replacement, redshirt sophomore Kenny Hill, takes with his admirers, though. That's because that number will be zero. 

">September 2, 2014

It's a little weird that Sumlin has forbade his now-star player to avoid all pictures with fans, but it does make sense when you remember the circus that revolved around Manziel. Hill, coming off an incredible performance at South Carolina, is surely the big man on campus in College Station, Texas, but he's still a young, mostly unproven, first-year starter. 

Texas A&M hosts Lamar this Saturday.