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Manziel On The "House That Johnny Built" Story: "I Didn't Do It On My Own...I Didn't Play One On 11"

Last week, Texas A&M regent Jim Schwertner publicly stated that he wants Kyle Field to add "The House That Johnny Built" to its official name. While former Aggie quarterback Johnny Manziel is likely flattered, he's saying all the right things, and staying humble, about his Texas A&M career.

Speaking with Fox Sports Ohio's Zac Jackson, Manziel reminded everyone that he wasn't the only one responsible for A&M's recent resurgence.

"I didn't do (it) on my own. I won the Heisman as a freshman and that was a feat that had never been accomplished before, and it was incredible. But at the same time I didn't do that on my own, I didn't win that by going out and playing one on 11...

It wasn't me. There are guys, from Sean Porter to Damontre Moore to Luke Joeckel to Von Miller to Ryan Swope to Uzoma Nwachukwu, Patrick Lewis, you can go down the list. Coach (Kevin) Sumlin, you have guys drafted first round for the past four to five years. It's slowly but surely creeping up."

Manziel is correct, A&M has been producing top talent during the late Mike Sherman and now the Kevin Sumlin years. However, if they wind up becoming a truly elite program and win an SEC title and a championship, Manziel certainly deserves some credit for putting them back on the map. Does that mean he should be part of the Kyle Field name? Probably not.

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