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Photo: Adidas Created A Ridiculous Texas A&M "Yell Leader Overalls" Replica T-Shirt

One of the great Texas A&M traditions is Midnight Yell Practice, which is held the night before home football games and led by a group of elected students known as Yell Leaders. Those students wear t-shirts and overalls dressed up with various phrases and their names.

">August 24, 2015

Texas A&M apparel partner adidas has created t-shirt replicas of the Yell Leader get-up.

">August 26, 2015

How are the fans receiving this new shirt? Let's check in with the folks at Texas A&M blog Good Bull Hunting.

Soak these shirts with flat generic sugary soda and drop them in the rain forests to be devoured by ants. Glue each shirt together to form a gigantic trash-catching net in the Indian Ocean. Find the person who signed off on these shirts and humiliate them mercilessly until they apologize and reconsider their life's mission.

Fair enough. For those who feel differently, the shirt is available at Fanatics.

[Good Bull Hunting]