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Photo: Manziel Has Custom-Made Oregon Nike Shoes With "Johnny Football" Moniker

Before Johnny Manziel stepped foot on campus in College Station, set numerous Texas A&M records and won a Heisman Trophy with the Aggies, he was actually committed to play quarterback for the Oregon Ducks. While that clearly didn't work out, he still has love for the program out in Eugene. How do we know?

Manziel posted a photo to his Instagram account that shows his custom-made Nike Oregon Ducks sneakers - complete with his "Johnny Football" nickname and the Texas A&M logo on the inside of the tongue. Check it out:

Sure, it's a little weird that to see him repping another program. But Manziel is no longer a student at Texas A&M, so technically he can do whatever he wants. It's a shame he never got to play the Ducks in his short stay.