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Photo: Texas A&M Football Has A Drawer Full Of Candy That Would Make The Cast Of "Heavyweights" Proud

Texas A&M has become one of the more successful college football programs on the recruiting trail in recent seasons. The Aggies had the No. 6 class in the country in 2014 and the No. 9 class in 2013, according to 

This can be attributed to many things: Johnny Manziel, Kevin Sumlin, the move to the SEC, etc. 

Candy, also, should apparently get some credit. 

">May 28, 2014

">May 27, 2014

Those tweets come from J.R. Sandlin, the tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator at Jacksonville State, who is presumably visiting the Texas A&M football program as a learning experience.

The drawer would certainly make the cast of "Heavyweights" proud. 

We're guessing the current Aggies have access to the candy, too. In last August's ESPN The Magazine profile of Johnny Manziel, written by Wright Thompson, Johnny's father was quoted, saying, "He ate Skittles, drank beer, and won the Heisman."