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Photo: Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin Throws Up Johnny Manziel's Money Gesture

Supporting his Heisman winner.

It came as no surprise last weekend, but Johnny Manziel's return to the football field brought even more attention to last year's Heisman winner. Manziel played a spectacular quarter and a half for the Aggies, but he also drew a lot of criticism with his trash talking after he mocked Rice's players with signature and money rub gestures.

While Manziel was blasted by a lot of the media for the disrespect he showed opponents, it appears that Texas A&M's president isn't too upset. R. Bowen Loftin, university president, took a pretty entertaining photo with a few Aggies fans -- he actually is a big fan of the money rub sign himself.

Credit to Cuppy Cup for the find:

It's probably pretty good to have the school president on your side when you're under fire from the rest of the college football world -- not a bad person to have your corner.

[@dougigem via Good Bull Hunting]