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Photos: Buzz Williams Got Incredibly Sweaty During Today's Game

Buzz Williams during the game against Wofford.


With the college basketball season firmly under way and rounding into conference play, meaningful games have already been played. On Monday afternoon, Texas A&M found itself in a close battle against Wofford, despite entering the contest as a clear favorite.

Even Aggies head coach Buzz Williams looked a bit flustered.

The 48-year-old leader, now in his second year in College Station was caught on camera having sweat through his shirt during Monday's game. At the time of the photos, Texas A&M led by 10 points but hadn't exactly made it easy on Williams.

Let's just say it wasn't the most flattering look for the Aggies coach.

— No Context College Basketball (@ContextFreeCBB) December 21, 2020

">Take a look:

Looks like Williams was pretty worked up during the game. And probably for good reason.

The Aggies struggled to separate from the Terriers for much of the first half. After the opening 20 minutes, Texas A&M led but just a point.

In the second half, Williams and the Aggies finally started to pull ahead. The SEC team stayed physical and focused on working the ball into the paint and drawing fouls. Meanwhile, the Terriers focused on a three-point heavy offense to try and break down the Aggies defense. Texas A&M ultimately got better as the game went on and scored 41 second-half points on their way to a 70-52 win. Wofford struggled in many facets down the stretch, including ending the game 4-of-19 from the free throw line.

With the win, the Aggies leapt up to 5-1. Of course, the team has yet to play many strong opponents and it's only loss came to Big 12 foe TCU. Williams will now lead his team into the SEC gauntlet when the Aggies travel to Baton Rouge to play LSU on Dec. 29.

Hopefully, he'll bring an extra shirt with him to the game when they do.