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Photos: Texas A&M Fan's BBQ Smoker, Tailgate Setup Puts All Others To Shame

When most people head off to tailgate for a college football game, they bring some chairs, some sandwiches, a cooler with some beverages and a cornhole set. What you're going to see below is so much more impressive it's laughable. A Texas A&M fan named Kyle recently built his own tailgate "rig", which, among other things, houses the most diesel BBQ smoker we've ever seen. He branded the top of it with the letters "A&M" and put the SEC logo on one of the sides. 

Via 247 Sports, here's what he had to say about the construction involved.

The tank is 30" and the upright smoke box is 20" pipe with 2 rack and a sausage rail inside. I built the trailer out of 2x3 11 ga tubing with 3/4 flat expanded metal for a floor. Bought the grill and gas burner from Academy. Had to build a new mount for the grill. The gas burner welded right on.

Here are some photos, which he gave us permission to post.

Just in case you don't want your meat smoked, he's also got a regular gas grill installed on the rig. Texas A&M has six home games this upcoming season - if you attend any and wonder where that amazing smell is coming from - well, now you know.