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Photos: Texas A&M Shows Us What A CFB Program's Shoe/Cleats Room Looks Like (It's Massive)

College football programs are big. Each FBS team typically has 100-plus players on its roster, including scholarship athletes and walk-ons. 

They have to provide shoes and cleats for these players to wear in games, practice, walking around campus, etc. Where do they keep all of these shoes/cleats? 

In a "shoe room." Texas A&M's football program has given us a glimpse of their shoe room. It's a massive place. 

">June 25, 2015

">@adidasFballUS Freak cleat!

— Texas A&M Equipment (@TAMUequipment)

Love the look of the boxes for the @adidasFballUS Freak cleat!

— Texas A&M Equipment (@TAMUequipment) June 25, 2015

">June 25, 2015

Going shopping in a college football program's "shoe room" would probably be a fun experience.