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Photos: Texas A&M Unveils Brand New Zubaz-Striped 'Carmouflage' Adidas Cleats For Missouri Game


Update: It appears that the 'Carmouflage' that the Aggies will wear may be limited to just their cleats -- Adidas is launching the new line of shoes that are "Light As WTF":

Earlier: Texas A&M is really looking to close out the college football regular season by making a statement against Mizzou -- a fashion statement, that is. Last week, the Aggies donned 'Dark Onyx' uniforms for the first time, and throughout the past week the school has been teasing another new design for tonight's game with a series of ridiculous photoshops. Today, we will finally get a chance to see the complete look at the 'Carmouflage-- the cleats were the first sneak peek given:

Aggies fans -- thumbs up or thumbs down?