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Player At Center Of Jimbo Fisher Abuse Controversy Addresses Incident

texas a&m head coach jimbo fiser is under fire

Texas A&M held off Arkansas on Saturday afternoon, but Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher is catching some heat for how he treated one of his players during the contest.

During a particularly testy moment between the two sides, Fisher grabbed the face mask of one of his players - linebacker Tyrel Dodson. It was a move that shocked many watching, and it led to a great deal of criticism for the star coach.

After the game, Dodson took to Twitter to explain that he holds no ill will towards his coach. He said that Fisher made the right move trying to get his point across.

Dodson was in jeopardy of being hit with a flag during the melee. Fisher was trying to stop that from happening.

"I’m in. Coach fisher is an amazing coach, he did the right thing. I let my emotions get the best of me at that certain moment. My teammates and this University needs me. That’s why he was so upset! He’ll have my back no matter what. AGS WIN"

Here's the tweet:

Here's video of Fisher's actions, if you haven't seen it:

Texas A&M, after the win, is now 3-2 on the season with losses to Clemson and Alabama. It's been an interesting first year for Fisher as head coach.