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Rapper Drake Tweets Support At Johnny Manziel, Give Him Props For "Handling Himself Well" At SEC Media Days

New friends!

Update: Manziel has responded, breaking his Twitter silence, with the acronym (NWTS) for Drake's upcoming album Nothing Was The Same. This appears to be a "you support me, I'll support you" moment. Fantastic.

Earlier: Johnny Manziel appears to be the exact opposite of Garth Brooks - he's got friends in high places. Earlier today, Manziel said Tim Tebow left him a voicemail last week. He also mentioned that he and LeBron James have chatted and exchanged cell phone numbers. Now, he's got rapper Drake tweeting support at him. Seriously.

Manziel was the subject of much scrutiny earlier today as he sat down with ESPN's Joe Tessitore and then answered questions from the regular media afterwards.

I'm not sure how this is all possible, given Drake's insistence on not making new friends, but here we are. Nice work, Johnny Football.