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Recapping Johnny Football's Spring Break

He's at it again.

It would appear that Johnny Manziel had himself an amazing time in Cabo for Texas A&M's spring break. You'd certainly get that impression by following his Twitter handle and what other websites have been posting about him.

The big news of Johnny's week came when he started going back and forth with Total Frat Move star and YouTube sensation Jimmy Tatro. If you have never seen any of Tatro's videos, you're missing out. The two wanted to meet up from day one in Cabo.

Pictures started circulating on websites such as BroBible and, of course, Total Frat Move.

During the week, Manziel also had some great conversations with some of his followers regarding his lifestyle and the famous "Longhorn" tattoo that was circulating the Internet.

He even gave a shoutout to one of my favorite shows, Blue Mountain State, and poked fun at Notre Dame. Johnny, you are my hero.

Lastly, Total Frat Move has started a spring break photo contest that is surely going to have some gems. So naturally people were trying any which way to get a pic of themselves with Johnny over the week. Here are a couple that have been posted thus far:

So basically, Johnny Football is continuing his ways and acting like the 20-year old he is. And there's nothing wrong with that. He's just your average college student on spring break.

My only question is who was in more awe of the other person - Manziel or Tatro?