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Watch: Referee Appeared To Celebrate Mississippi State Touchdown vs. Texas A&M

A referee fist-pumped after a Mississippi State touchdown.


A controversy is brewing over an apparent referee fist pump after a Mississippi State touchdown in today's Bulldogs win over Texas A&M.

Early in the game, Mississippi State running back Aeris Williams punched in a short touchdown to put the Bulldogs up 14-0. As Williams crossed the goal line, a referee in the end zone makes a subtle motion that looks very much like a fist pump.

Judge for yourself here.

It is probably unwise to jump to any major conclusions, but it definitely looks like a celebratory gesture. Of course, it could have just been a random response to the touchdown, but you can see why A&M fans would be upset, especially considering the controversy over targeting calls in the loss to Alabama earlier this year.

With the loss, Texas A&M now has two losses on the season and will assuredly fall out of the top four in Tuesday's updated College Football Playoff rankings. The Aggies' playoff hopes have probably been dashed.