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Refs Botch Big Call In Texas A&M vs. Arkansas Game

Texas A&M fans are losing it after a rough call in the second quarter of their game against Arkansas.

Texas A&M has its hands full with Arkansas on Saturday afternoon, and it doesn't look like the Aggies are getting any help from the referees.

Aggies quarterback Kellen Mond appeared to run for an 89-yard touchdown to make it 21-14 in the second quarter, but the referee, who was right on top of the play, called Mond out at the 10-yard-line.

After watching the replay, it's pretty obvious that Mond never stepped out. But because the ref blew the play dead, there was no way to overturn it and award the Aggies the touchdown.

Texas A&M later kicked a field goal, so the call cost them four points.

Arkansas leads 21-10 near halftime.