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Report: Johnny Manziel Signed Over 4400 Pieces For 3 Brokers In 3 States

More details surface.

Hang in there for about three more weeks, college football fans -- we've almost reached the actual season. But with three weeks still to go, we'll continue the summer of Johnny Manziel.

Most recently Johnny has been in the news for allegedly profiting off of signed memorabilia, which would be a significant violation of NCAA rules. Today, a few more details regarding Johnny's signings have come out via ESPN's Darren Rovell:

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel signed autographs and memorabilia for dealers in two additional sessions -- one in South Florida after the Discover BCS National Championship Game in early January; the other in late January in Houston, sources have told "Outside the Lines."

Florida-based autograph dealer Kevin Freistat backed and helped organize the additional two sessions, sources with knowledge of the events said. The sessions add to the other four signings reported last week by "Outside the Lines."


The Freistat signings, combined with four sessions previously reported by "Outside the Lines," would make six signings for three brokers in three states in less than a month for Manziel. Sources said he signed his name more than 4,400 times.

While this looks pretty bad for Johnny -- after all, why would a kid go to such lengths to sign so many items if he couldn't benefit from it -- there is still no evidence that he received any cash or compensation for the signings. Until anything like that surfaces, this story is pretty much stuck in place.