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Report: Rival Coaches Used Billy Kennedy's Medical Condition Against Him in Recruiting


With college basketball season a couple of months away, many coaches are still focused on the always-competitive recruiting trail. In some cases, these guys can get a little bit too competitive, though.

Over the weekend, Alex Robinson, a Top 100 recruit, verbally committed to play at Texas A&M under head coach Billy Kennedy. But according to CBS Sports' Gary Parrish, Robinson claimed the recruiting tactics used by some other coaches were very controversial. Kennedy was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2011 and his condition was allegedly used by other coaches to sway Robinson from choosing the Aggies' program. Terrible, to say the least.

Robinson went on to say that he brushed it off and chalked it up as just "part of recruiting", sticking with his decision to play for the Aggies. Needless to say, it's a low blow for anyone to use this sort of tactic. We just wish Billy the best of health going forward. 

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