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Report: Texas A&M Freshman Ricky Seals-Jones Was Offered $600,000 In Cash To Play For Top Program


Yahoo! Sports' Dan Wetzel got his handson famed sportswriter Armen Keteyian's brand new book titled "The System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football", co-written by Sports Illustrated's Jeff Benedict, and has been spilling some of the contents early.

There are many shocking revelations, including how the NCAA operated during the Ohio State tattoos scandal, how Tennessee utilized a business run by a woman named Lacey Pearl Earps to lure recruits and details about Missouri's inappropriate tutoring culture. But the most interesting storyline involves Texas A&M freshman Ricky Seals-Jones, who was apparently offered boatloads of cash by numerous schools. Check out this quote:

Seals-Jones, once a Texas commit who wound up signing with Texas A&M last February, and his family open themselves up to the entire process. The juiciest part is an alleged offer to the Jones family from a "top-20 program" – not A&M – for the following: $300,000 in cash, use of a luxury suite during football season, eight season tickets and $1,000 per month for Ricky and $500 for the family.

"Oh, it was higher than that," Chester Jones, Ricky's dad said. "It was a lot higher than that." Chester Jones said the offers grew as high as $600,000 for his son's signature on a national letter of intent – one SEC school and one ACC school said they'd double any offer – but he declined them all out of principle and the fear of inevitably getting caught.

That's some serious money. Seals-Jones, once rated as a five-star athlete by numerous recruiting agencies, committed to Texas A&M over a number of other top programs, including Auburn, LSU, Notre Dame, Oregon, Oklahoma and Texas. It's safe to say he made the right decision to turn down the money.