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Report: Texas A&M, Manziel's To Hire Same Law Firm That Defended Auburn, Cam Newton

Let the games begin.

While many in the court of public opinion may be ready to incriminate Johnny Manziel for profiting off of signed memorabilia, it may be a long time before we get an NCAA ruling on the matter. While the allegations that have come out against Manziel are strong, the evidence backing them up is not, at least at this point. Furthermore, the Manziel's and Texas A&M are gearing up with lawyer's to defend the Heisman winner.

In fact, there will be some faces that should be familiar to college football fans:

While Manziel's case is certainly different than Newton's, the general premise is the same: claims of NCAA rules violations swirl around a star quarterback whose team expects to be in national championship contention. Both situations deal with money allegedly finding its way into the hands of the player and his family.

Similar to the Newton case, it will be hard for investigators to find a money trail to prove that Manziel did indeed break NCAA rules.

The Manziel family and Texas A&M seem to think it's the best option to go with the same law firm that defended Newton -- the team has great experience -- and winning experience -- in similar circumstances. It will be interesting to see how long this process gets drawn out.