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Rick Reilly Makes Horrible Joke About Johnny Manziel, Tesla

Apparently it actually is possible for Rick Reilly to dig himself into an even bigger social media ditch.

Two days ago Reilly deviated from his typically normal Twitter personality byequating Kevin Durant's joining the Golden State Warriors to "giving Kate Upton a 3rd breast."

">July 5, 2016

The bizarre tweet immediately sparked heated responses by fellow sports journalists and general sports fans. Responders called him "sexist" and "unfunny," which, considering the inappropriate content of his take, was seemingly called for.

">@ReillyRick You used to be a really good sportswriter.

— Jonah Keri (@jonahkeri) July 5, 2016


— Craig Calcaterra (@craigcalcaterra)

— Craig Calcaterra (@craigcalcaterra) July 5, 2016

">July 5, 2016

">July 5, 2016

But the backlash clearly wasn't enough to keep the writer from taking to Twitter today with another controversial tweet:

">July 7, 2016

">@ReillyRick wow you keep getting worse and worse

— Tony detorres (@PrinceGuid)

wow you keep getting worse and worse

— Tony detorres (@PrinceGuid) July 7, 2016

">July 7, 2016

">@ReillyRick But who do the headlights remind you of?

— Karen Howell (@karenehowell)

.@ReillyRick But who do the headlights remind you of?

— Karen Howell (@karenehowell) July 7, 2016

">July 7, 2016

">@ReillyRick You should take some more time off Rick

— Patrick Cadogan (@pscadogan) July 7, 2016

With Johnny Manziel trending all over with his ridiculous, inebriated, drug-riddled antics, calling out the fallen QB isn't entirely inappropriate (though it's certainly not sympathetic). But when you consider the fact that Tesla Model S vehicle's "Autopilot" system was possibly responsible for a historically significant consumer death in May, Reilly's comparison is pretty tactless. 

After all, it directly - and shamelessly - pokes fun at a man who struggles with addiction and self-destruction and a man's tragic death. 

The death apparently came at an "awkward" time for the U.S. government and auto makers, and Reilly just made it even more awkward.

Dozens of Twitter users have already reacted to the famous sportswriter's latest take with both humor and criticism, and it's likely the outrage over his so-called "garbage" will grow as the day goes on. 

It's unlikely the Reilly will step away from the Internet at this point, so we can only wait for the next absurd tweet to explode.