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Dan Wetzel: Chip Kelly Could Be Waiting In The Wings For Texas A&M With Kevin Sumlin On Public Hot Seat

On Tuesday, Texas A&M athletic director Scott Woodward took the strange step of more-or-less publicly putting Kevin Sumlin on the hot seat. Yahoo! Sports' Dan Wetzel thinks Chip Kelly could be on deck for the Aggies.

Woodward had this to say about his current head coach, while a guest on The Paul Finebaum Show on Tuesday:

“Last year was extremely disappointing. We were as highly-ranked as No. 4 and got up there and played very well. Hard, competitive games and fell off like we’ve been doing. We were very disappointed as a program, both coach and I. We want to make darn sure that we’re going to get it right.

We’ve had a heck of a spring. Recruiting continues to go well. But Coach [Sumlin] knows that he has to win and he has to win this year and we’ve got to do better than we’ve done in the past.”

Wetzel posits that Woodward's move means that the Aggies are ready to target Chip Kelly, who will be with ESPN as a college football studio analyst this fall:

After getting fired by San Francisco (after getting fired by Philadelphia), Chip Kelly didn’t take a job analyzing the NFL as his main gig. He chose college, which means he’s headed back to college. Not since Urban Meyer was perched behind a microphone for one season has this desirable of a free agent been sitting there.

With Kelly’s show-cause sanctions for NCAA violations now expired, he’s an overwhelmingly enticing hire – Kelly’s involvement in any rule breaking will quickly be forgotten as ADs and alums dream of that old Ducks offense coming to their campus. That’s even true in the Aggies’ case, when much of the trouble came from Kelly recruiting in Texas. It doesn’t matter. No one really cares about the NCAA rules.

Wetzel is correct that college looks to be the main thing that Kelly will be focused on, though he is also set to appear on Sunday SportsCenter to provide NFL analysis as well. However, after back-to-back NFL flame outs, it does make the most sense that he'll be heading back to college. Kelly to the SEC is one of the scenarios that college football junkies have clamored for since he left Oregon. It may come to fruition, if A&M has a down season and Wetzel's theory comes true.

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