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Texas A&M Coach Aaron Moorehead Issues Apologetic Statement For Last Night's Subtweets After Tate Martell Decommitment

Texas A&M is having a really rough morning. Late last night, Aggies receivers coach Aaron Moorehead had a string of subtweets following the decommitment of blue chip quarterback Tate Martell, calling into question the player's loyalty. After being called out on it, he denied it was about Martell, but then doubled down on the sentiment. After the tweets, receiver recruit Mannie Netherly also decommitted from A&M, citing Moorehead's handling of the Martell situation. Another wide receiver recruit, five-star Tyjon Lindsley, has dropped the Aggies from his recruitment.

Now, Moorehead has issued a statement, apologizing for the things he said on Twitter.

Many coaches say that they will drop a player based on his actions on social media. In this case, that goes both ways.