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Texas A&M Suing Indianapolis Colts Over Use Of "12th Man"

Texas A&M is extremely protective of its "12th Man" trademark, and it is not afraid to take teams to court. The Seattle Seahawks famously paid the school for years, for permission to use the phrase, but this year switched their official signage at CenturyLink Field to read "Home of the 12s" instead. The Indianapolis Colts also borrowed the "12th Man" in its stadium and marketing efforts, and now Texas A&M is suing the franchise.

">November 12, 2015

">November 12, 2015

A&M president Michael K. Young explained the decision in a press release:

"Texas A&M University is the Home of the 12th Man which has brought our fan base national renown. We would prefer not to file lawsuits to protect our trademarks. However, when our intellectual property, especially the 12th Man mark which is so important to our students and former students, is used without our permission after repeated attempts to engage on the matter, we are left with no choice."

Better fine a new nickname, Colts.