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Texas A&M Wideout Will Gunnell Flicks Off Fans On Way To Locker Room

Texas A&M's Will Gunnell flips off fans in tunnel.

Texas A&M freshman wide receiver Will Gunnell is likely in some trouble.

Texas A&M appears to be in full-on meltdown mode.

The Aggies have underperformed against Louisiana at home thus far - heading into the break trailing 21-14. To make matters worse, it looks like the team is going to have a fairly large controversy on its hands.

After the first half, as the Aggies headed to the locker room, freshman wide receiver Will Gunnell appears to have flipped double birds to Texas A&M fans in the stands.

Yes, it's likely that fans were letting the players have it after a subpar first half. But still.

Kevin Sumlin may not have a job tomorrow if the Aggies don't turn this one around. The second half should be very interesting.

Update:According to, Gunnell's friend from high school, Max Galatas, says that the Aggie freshman was just messing around with his friends in the stands.

"He's a walk-on for the team and we always joke around with him about that," Galatas said. We started a, 'We want Will!' chant, and as they were running into the tunnel we were calling out for him. And he was laughing and flipped us off as a joke."

We'll see if Sumlin addresses the incident after the game.