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Texas A&M's De'Vante Harris After Hearing Big 12 Players Want Aggies Back: "We Onto Bigger And Better Things"

Given the fact that the Big 12 can't have a championship game in its current state, there has been a great deal of discussion this offseason regarding which teams, if any, the league should look to add to its roster. Wednesday, ESPN released a poll, showing that current league players are in favor of inviting two more schools to the conference. Their list of desired programs? Texas A&M (which left the conference ahead of the 2012 season), BYU, Houston and Nebraska (which left the conference ahead of the 2011 season.)

Well, at least one current Aggies player, defensive back De'Vante Harris, has no interest in seeing his program return to its roots. Harris took to Twitter Thursday morning after hearing the news, claiming that he's onto "bigger and better" things in the SEC.

">July 22, 2015

">July 23, 2015

Texas A&M's program has certainly seen a rise in popularity since leaving the Big 12, so it's unlikely that the Aggies would ever consider returning to the league. It'll be interesting to see if the conference does extend an invite to any schools in the coming years.