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Video: Doc Rivers Hopes You Saw Johnny Manziel In The Chick-fil-A Bowl

Doc's a fan

Following a 112-85 beatdown of the Charlotte Bobcats by his Los Angeles Clippers, Doc Rivers couldn't get Texas A&M's Johnny Football-led comeback win over Duke off of his mind. In his post-game press conference, Rivers brought up the game without any prompting from the media, and was effervescent in his praise of the young quarterback: "I don't know if you watched Johnny Manziel, but that was unbelievable... C'mon, guys! Did y'all see that?"

Rivers doesn't have an inside scoop on what the future holds for Manziel (though we can all take an educated guess), but he just wants to watch him play football, no matter the level next season: "I don't care what he does next year, I just want to see him play. Go back to college and play, go to the pros—I just want to see him play."

Rivers wasn't ready to hand Manziel the keys to his Chicago Bears, however. He insisted that he likes Jay Cutler as the Bears quarterback, which is a good thing considering the fact that Cutler signed a seven year deal with Chicago this afternoon. Wherever Manziel winds up, it sounds like he'll have at least one fan out in LA.

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