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Video: ESPN's DJ Steve Porter Made A Song About Johnny Manziel Titled "Johnny Hollywood"

In recent years, DJ Steve Porter has put together some pretty memorable songs for ESPN, using clips from press conferences, on-set segments, and various interviews. Many of them have been good listens. He recently put one together about Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel, titled, "Johnny Hollywood." 

The song doesn't seem to be his best work: 

Some of the notable verses from the song:

"He's smart, he's sharp, he's got a big heart."

"Johnny plays hard, Johnny's very good. Johnny Football, Johnny Hollywood."

"He's not a Russell Wilson, he's not a RG3. He can beat you with his vision, he can beat you with his speed."

"At his pro day, he hit his receivers. When I walk in a room, I feel like Justin Bieber."