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Video: Texas A&M Overcomes 12-Point Deficit In Final 44 Seconds, Pushes UNI To Overtime

Update: You can view video of the final 44 seconds here. The NCAA has made it available for fans.

Earlier: The first weekend of March Madness has been full of surprises. What Texas A&M just pulled off might be the most incredible thing we've seen yet.

With 44 seconds to play, the Aggies trailed Northern Iowa, 69-57. If you've watched a college basketball game before - you know that's virtually an insurmountable lead. That's what we thought, anyways.

After a handful of turnovers and what can only be described as a colossal meltdown by the Panthers, Texas A&M was able to come all the way back and tie the game at 71-71 with just seconds remaining. The game-tying basket came off of a steal from Admon Gilder. Check it out:

">March 21, 2016

">March 21, 2016

Texas A&M eventually prevailed in double-overtime. The Aggies will next get Oklahoma.