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Video: You Can Check Out Texas A&M's Renovations To Kyle Field Thanks To This Aerial Tour

It was a big offseason at Texas A&M, as Kyle Field began a $450 million renovation project which made it the largest stadium in the SEC and in the state of Texas. It can now hold an insane 102,500 people, and it also features the largest jumbotron in all of college football. While the renovations aren't quite done yet -- they will be completed before the 2015 season -- many pieces of the project are done.

To highlight this, someone went into a helicopter or an airplane with a broadcast-quality camera and gave a brief aerial tour of the entire facility. This isn't new, as someone did something similar earlier this year while the renovations were still happening, but this one gives you a view of the stadium as it will exist in 2014. Check it out:

If this is what the stadium looks like now, we can't wait to see what it looks like when the renovations are completed. The new-look Kyle Field will debut during the Aggies' second game of the 2014 season, when the team hosts Lamar on Sept. 6.