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Watch: SEC QB Puts Out Crazy Video Hoping To Meet Justin Bieber

An exterior view of Texas A&M's football stadium

COLLEGE STATION, TX - AUGUST 31: A general view of the stadium after the game between the Rice Owls and the Texas A&M Aggies at Kyle Field on August 31, 2013 in College Station, Texas. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

What celebrity would you expect an SEC quarterback to be campaigning on Twitter to meet? How many guesses would it take for you to say 'Justin Bieber?'

Texas A&M quarterback Nick Starkel wants to do just that. In fact, Starkel is trying to enlist the help of Twitter and celebrity Ellen Degeneres in making his dream come true.

Starkel wore a Justin Bieber shirt under his jersey for several games during the 2017 season. There's a clip from a broadcast in the video below where they discuss his lucky Bieber shirt.

Additionally, Starkel has become friends with J.D. Rodgers, an associate director at Breakaway Ministries. Both of them are hoping to meet Bieber in Los Angeles during spring break.

"JD and I are going to LA with one goal in mind: meet Justin Bieber," Starkel said.

Here's the video Starkel posted on Twitter. It is filmed at Kyle Field and pretty funny to watch.

Keep in mind, Starkel has used the power of social media before. Last month, he asked for Twitter's help finding a waitress he was hoping to get to know.

Twitter directed Starkel to her, and the pair went on at least one date.

We'll keep you posted on how Starkel's Bieber quest plays out.