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The Alabama Dad Whose Excitement Over BCS Tickets Went Viral Just Got Another Big Gift From ESPN

The network takes the father-son duo from nosebleeds to the field.

You may remember Don Buckhannan's viral video from Christmas.

He was the Alabama fan whose son gifted him tickets to tonight's BCS game. His reaction was an amazing mix of tears, laughter, gratitude and excitement and it quickly spread across the web.

Tonight, Buckhannan was in for another surprise. ESPN approached him and his son just before game time in Sun Life Stadium. They were happy with their seats, even though they were high up in the bleachers.

"The seats are in the stadium, they are good enough!" Buckhannan told ESPN's Josh Elliot.

"You know what, I'm pretty sure these are better," Elliot replied, pulling two tickets out of his pocket. Buckhannan called Eliot his "new best friend" as he and his son were escorted down to their new, front row seats.

Here's the clip from Business Insider: