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Look: Sarah Fuller Has Demand For NCAA Student-Athletes

Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller.

SEC Network.

The college career of former Vanderbilt soccer and football player Sarah Fuller may be over, but it appears she intends to start being an advocate for future athletes.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Fuller called for a great effort put into helping student-athletes with mental health. She spoke out against the "continual pressure to be 'mentally tough' year after year" and believes more can be done.

"Something has to be done to better understand and aid in student athlete’s mental well-being. What’s being done now is not enough and the continual pressure to be “mentally tough” year after year is exhausting. It hurts to see all we have lost to this expectation," Fuller wrote.

Fuller's tweet has gone viral since yesterday, garnering over 2,200 likes in less than a day. Many sports fans have started adding their own suggestions to ways the NCAA can make the experience better for student-athletes in the comments:

"Also, insurance afterwards would be appreciated. Tore my Achilles senior year and now it’s acting up again," one user replied.

"Facts mental health is very important something has to be done. At the end of the day these athletes are human after all," wrote another.

"Thank you for stepping up and saying this. You’re truly an inspiration to all girls!!!" a third wrote.

There's a lot of big changes that the NCAA can make to improve the experience for everyone. Hopefully Sarah Fuller can be a voice in helping some of that change come to pass.