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Photos: Tennessee Fan Had His Car Painted By Vanderbilt Fans While In Nashville For Vols Game (NSFW)

Tennessee football took a small road trip for their season opener, heading to Nashville's Nissan Stadium to host Bowling Green. While we're sure Nashville is awash with Vols fans, it is also home to in-state rival Vanderbilt. Apparently one group of Vandy fans didn't take kindly for all of the orange and white in town this weekend.

Redditor WeazelBear painted his car windows with Vols logos and checkerboards. After leaving it in a garage, he came back to find his work scraped off and replaced with Vanderbilt logos...and some other stuff. You can probably guess what the consists of.

Went to the game down in Nashville this weekend and decided to pull a high school era move and paint my car up for the trip. Left my car in a parking garage and came back to this

Can't say I'm mad. Pretty harmless fun I suppose. They did an admirable job.

Fair warning, the "Vandy vandals" left some pretty NSFW drawings and phrases on the car, in case you are offended by such things.

Vandy Vandals

Based on this first weekend of football, we bet he gets his revenge on the field on November 28 when the Vols host Vanderbilt.