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College Football World Reacts To Sarah Fuller Making History

Sarah Fuller kicks off for Vanderbilt against Missouri.

SEC Network

Vanderbilt soccer player, and now football kicker, Sarah Fuller made history this afternoon. With a kickoff to start the second half for the Commodores at the Missouri Tigers, she is believed to be the first woman to play in a Power Five football game.

Vanderbilt's special teams unit has been cleared out due to a combination of opt outs and COVID-19 quarantines. As a result, the team tried out Fuller, the goalkeeper for the SEC Champion Commodores, ahead of this week's game. On Friday, the team announced that she would suit up for the game.

Unfortunately, Vandy's offense hasn't put her in position to put some points on the board yet. The Commodores have struggled to get into Mizzou territory, much less score. Right now, Derek Mason's team trails 27-0 in the third quarter.

After receiving the ball to start the game, Sarah Fuller made her college football debut to start the second half. Rather than have her kick deep, Vanderbilt squib kicked it short, avoiding a Mizzou return. With the kick, Fuller made college football history.

As expected, unfortunately, some are framing this as a botched kick, though as Alex Kirshner

Sarah Fuller squibbed it exactly where she was supposed to (watch Vanderbilt's coverage guys all funneling short right) and left it un-returnable for Mizzou. Probably one of Vandy's best executed plays of the day in all honestly

— Alex Kirshner (@alex_kirshner) November 28, 2020

">points out above, the coverage certainly indicated an intentional squib. Most of the college football world is rightfully celebrating this historic moment (and rooting for Vanderbilt to put her in position to make some more exciting kicks here on out).

It was a very cool moment in an otherwise tough game for Vanderbilt football. Here's to hoping she gets a shot to put her first points on the board.

Mizzou leads Vanderbilt late in the third quarter.