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Vanderbilt's Twitter Account Claims Jay Cutler's Pro Day Was Better Than Johnny Manziel's

Johnny Manziel's showing during his Pro Day at Texas A&M yesterday impressed a great deal of people. He completed 62-of-64 pass attempts, had improved footwork in the pocket and even connected on a few deep balls, showing off great arm strength. But whoever runs Vanderbilt's Twitter account was not as taken aback as the rest of us. Apparently Manziel's performance had nothing on that of Jay Cutler, who impressed scouts in the elements eight years ago.

">March 28, 2014

Cutler was drafted 11th overall in 2006 and has been a solid starter in the NFL for years now, so it's hard to argue that he didn't do a great job impressing scouts himself. But why is Vanderbilt trolling Manziel? In the one game that the Aggies and Commodores played during Manziel's tenure, he lit them up for four touchdowns in a blowout victory. It just seems a little odd, no?