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Video: UMass Kicker Blake Lucas Miss Game-Tying Field Goal, Gets A Hug From Vanderbilt DL Adam Butler

Being a kicker can be tough. When you do something great, it doesn't always receive the praise that other players receive when they do something awesome. When you fail at your job, you get a ton of criticism, and sometimes, all you want is a hug.

Take for instance UMass kicker Blake Lucas, who had a 22-yard chip shot today against Vanderbilt that, if he made it, would have tied the Minutemen's game with Vanderbilt at 34. Instead, Lucas missed it terribly, and right after he hooked it, he received a hug from Commodores' defensive lineman Adam Butler.

It was a pretty terrible miss, and we're not sure if Butler was being kind or doing a weird form of showboating, but it was certainly an interesting gesture. Vanderbilt ended up winning the game, 34-31.