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Video: D.J. Swearinger Suspended For Flagrant Hit

Two suspensions in two weeks.

It looks like the NCAA is cracking down on players who practice helmet-to-helmet hits. The SEC released a statement saying that South Carolina defensive back D.J. Swearinger will sit out the game when Missouri comes to visit this weekend. The SEC classified the collision as "flagrant and dangerous."

This blow to the Gamecock's defense comes only a week after Ole Miss defensive back Trae Elston was suspended for a similar hit. Elston didn't receive an in-game penalty on the play, but the refs threw the yellow flag for Swearinger's hit on UAB's Patrick Hearn. The SEC press release mentions that both the NCAA and the SEC are making the "protection of defenseless players a point of emphasis" in 2012, which explains the growing amount of penalties and, now, suspensions for flagrant and dangerous hits.

Do you think college football players should be receiving more severe punishments for these hits? Check out the video below to see the big hit.