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Video: Trae Elston Suspended For Dangerous Play

Here's a video of the huge hit.

A lot of hard and dangerous hits took place in college football this past Saturday, and Ole Miss defensive back Trae Elston’s hit on UTEP wideout Jordan Leslie is no exception. The SEC is suspending Elston after he launched into Leslie with his helmet and shoulder.

Several minutes passed before Leslie was able to get up from the field, but the play drew no penalty. The SEC is calling the hit “flagrant and dangerous” because Leslie was a defenseless player.

The suspension is bad news for Mississipi. This week, the Rebels are taking on No. 14 Texas, and Elston has been a crucial member of the secondary in his short career with Mississippi. In his freshman season, he has already recorded seven tackles.

If you want to see the hit, check out the video below, courtesy of tehwhitte1988.