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Aaron Rodgers Has Telling Admission On Team Chemistry

There's plenty of reason to believe Aaron Rodgers divided the Packers' locker room during the off-season.

Rodgers left the Packers' front office and players in the dark during the off-season. He didn't tell anyone, at least publicly, what his future would look like.

The veteran quarterback put the drama to an end at the start of Green Bay's training camp. And now two games into the 2021 season, some are concerned the Packers' team chemistry is at an all-time low.

Rodgers spoke about team chemistry during an interview with Pat McAfee on Tuesday. In doing so, he spoke at length about how vital team chemistry is to overall success.

"We used to say in 2010 the team that drinks together wins together.. that wasn't our best team talent wise but it was a close knit group," Rodgers said.

The 2010-11 Packers, of course, won the Super Bowl that year. That speaks volume about what a team led by Aaron Rodgers needs to win it all.

The Packers have come close in recent years. They've played in two straight NFC Championships and lost both. Green Bay is probably talented enough to make a third-straight trip, but there may be too many distractions out there.

The reality is Rodgers handled the off-season poorly. He didn't communicate with his teammates and left the front office in the dark. That lack of communication probably broke trust, and it's hard to imagine that trust being restored during the season.

That's not to say the Packers won't have success this season. But if team chemistry is low, Rodgers clearly doesn't believe Green Bay will be all too successful.